This project had two driving factors.  One being the existing properties only door opened directly onto the highway and secondly the poor structural condition of the existing property.

The dwelling is sited in greenbelt where development is restricted.

Given the hazardous structural condition of the existing property, there was no other economic option but to demolish the existing house and build a new one.  This had its advantages with regards to a new modern layout, being able to create a more energy efficient property and to site the dwelling back from the adjoining public highway.

As the photos indicate the rebuilt property has a very similar layout appearance, replicating that of the former farmhouse, this was important to retain local identity.

The property was sympathetically extended to the rear and side to create a more flexible and spacious internal layout, whilst also making better use of the garden areas and creating a private patio area away from the harsh prevailing weather.

Natural stone form the demolished dwelling was re-used along with natural stone slate for the roof covering.  Stone corbels were reintroduced along with timber windows.